Rules of Playing Online Roulette: Features of Different Roulette Types

The online casino is a very good pastime. It not only refreshes the mind of the player but also helps in earning something during free time. That too in a play way manner! Among all, Roulette is also an interesting game. 

It is full of interesting rounds that will keep you entertained for long. Once you are done with mastering the rules, carrying on with the game will seem to be a piece of cake. Also, you will be at a lesser risk of losing your money. 

Bets in Roulette for Beginners

If you are a beginner, then some great bets include:

  • Red or black
  • Odd or even

There is a plethora of roulette strategies to give a try. It is essential to note that it is difficult to guess the forthcoming number. However, it is possible to increase the number of odds to win. 

After all, Roulette is a type of gambling. There are some important tips to note so that you may easily enjoy the entire session.

The spinning of the Wheel an Important Task

The person responsible for spinning the roulette wheel in a live casino is the croupier. The wheel spins in a single direction. Whereas, the ball spins in the opposite direction! Sometimes, the wheel may be completely stationary.

It will start spinning once you are done with placing bets. After completion of a particular number of spins, the ball will fall in a pocket. The pocket is regarded as the winning number. 

The player having a bet on that number will get a handsome payout. Every player will be playing against the house. The strategy of winning not only depends on the number, but also on the type of bet that consists of the number. 

Varieties of Roulettes Available 

There are dozens of varieties of the Roulette game. They include 3D, without zero, mini, traditional and many more. Some of the most common ones include:

  • European – It is a highly popular game type. It is the classic version of Roulette that is a worthy choice for new players. The standard rules apply to the maximum that permits them to place the bets easily. A higher number of returns along with minimum edges makes it a great option.
  • French – This variety is a bit distinguished in terms of table layout along with the usage of terminologies in the French language. The inclusion of special rules helps in the reduction of the house edge by half. Hence, the game serves to be highly profitable for the player. 
  • American – Here double zero is a great feature. It helps in increasing the house edge above five percent. The additional sector makes it easy for the player for placing special bets. Usually, there is no track in terms of announced bets. The theoretical return is above ninety percent.

Present-day online casinos use a higher number of variations of Roulette. There are slight differences in terms of rules alongside with table layout and wheel. It will be beneficial to master the rules for own convenience. 

Having a Close Look on the Board

It is the board of Roulette where you will be placing all your bets. Hence, it is very much essential to review the same so that you may play the game properly. The numbers on the wheel play a vital role. 

Though replicated, they are in consecutive order from left to right. They are separated in the form of columns. To bet on a number, you need to drop your chips on the respective number directly. 

There are 38 numbers in American roulette – from 1 to 36 along with a zero and double zero. In the European version 37 numbers appear. Also, they are listed in a non-consecutive manner. They are out of the sequence. 

Rules for Playing American Roulette

The wheel in American roulette is inclusive of two zero sectors, which increases the number of house edge. Few specifications include:

  • Varieties of wheel layouts
  • Additional betting against five different numbers
  • No special rule except surrendering
  • No announced bets
  • Few changes on the table

Rules for Playing French Roulette 

French roulette is a classic version of the game. Variations signify few improvements. Highly remarkable features include:

  • Different layout of playing field
  • Bets are depicted in the French language
  • Sectors of the wheel are placed in a different manner
  • There are announced bets with a special type of field

Rules for Playing European Roulette

The European Roulette is a highly widespread variety comprising a single zero. It comprises thirty-six variable spots in red, black and green sectors. 

Here, you can bet on a particular number, series of numbers, or a specific color. Rules of En Prison and La Partage include the following:

  • The rule for La Partage – It can be used specifically with monetary bets comprising even numbers. Whenever the zero sector will fall out, the player will be able to take back half of the bet; it will be transferred to the next round of the game. Instead of getting paid against winning, you will only receive your bet back. 
  • En Prison – In En Prison, if the zero bet wins; the player will lose only half of the amount on the bet. Surrendering is another specific rule in this round of the game. It is an identical rule for the French version. 

Once you can grasp the basic rules of playing, you will get a high interest in playing roulette. 

How to Calculate the Payout in Roulette Game?

Every bet in Roulette comprises of its payouts. No doubt, high-risk betting will help in making lots of money. Winning bets generally comprise of a lower number of payouts. If you want to calculate the payout, then below are some important rules to remember:

  • In case of a single bet, the player needs to bet on numbers between 0 and 36 along with double zero. Here, payout odds are 35:1.
  • In split betting, the bet is placed on two adjacent numbers. Lucky players get 17-1 payout. 
  • Street betting features three different numbers in a single row. It will pay in the ratio of 11:1. 
  • In corner betting, a chip is placed in the center of four adjoining numbers. If the deal becomes successful, then the player will get the payout of 8:1.

Additional betting where you may give a trial includes dozen and even-money betting. Some variations make the choice easier.

Combining bets in the game will increase your chances of winning the odds.